We came across this unique Gulf-themed Bugatti Veyron via our friends at Luxury4Play.

The Veyron is a mid-engined hypercar. It is the most expensive modern car in the world at USD $ 2,600,000. The Super Sport version is the fastest road-legal car in the world, with a top speed of 431.07km/h. The original version has a top speed of 408km/h.

Overkill or not, it is unique livery on an unique sports car.

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  1. I am not sure if this is a overkill or not but if I see this on the road i would be as suprised as I see an UFO…

  2. i think it’s not the gulf theme itself, it’s just the colr match wich is far from being appropriate, because the real gulf blue and orange (not these ones( look good in any car

  3. First of all the gulf-wrapping is better than the original ugly wine-red of this veyron.

    Why the hell he left the side-mirrors in ugly red??? Can´t be the money!

    It would be not so overkill if somebody tried to get the real gulf colors and not those nearly anything colors.

  4. Its just absurd and out of place. Unless this person owns gulf oil it makes no sense. I like racing liverie on cars that actuall have race pedigree but what the hell was this person thinking


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