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German company AMG has put together a video outlining the company’s 44-year history and the achievements it has accomplished in its relatively short existence. The video below looks back at the history of AMG, from its founding in 1967 through the present-day innovations with Mercedes-Benz.

From the start of the company, up to the founding of the founding of Mercedes AMG GmbH in 1999 and the SLS AMG becoming the Formula 1 Safety Car in 2010. All subjects will pass by in just four minutes.

We also came across this video showing another timeline of the AMG history.

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  1. AMG is awesome awesome awesome! They have never built anything that I havent liked. What an awesome history. The genius from mercedes who decided to team up with these guys deserves a pat on the back. One of the defining moments for Mercedes.

  2. Right, but why they didn’t ask AMG to build the SLR??
    And the AMG road cars, to much power and torque to control or drive realy fast and AMG solution is a stupit traction control that spoils all the fun.


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