For Sale BMW ItalDesign Nazca

The Italdesign Nazca was created by Giorgetto Giugiaro for BMW in the ’90s. Originally it was speculated that the Nazca might enter production as a successor of the legendary BMW M1. Unfortunately the Nazca never made it into production.

In total three BMW Nazca prototypes were produced, including one convertible spider version. The second version, the 1993 C2 is currently for sale.

This version of the Nazca is powered by an Alpina tuned BMW 5.7 liter V12 which delivers 379 horsepower. The top speed is 326km/h. Entry to the BMW Nazca was quite interesting. One could access the blue leathered interior via gullwing windows combined with conventional doors.

This car is listed for € 725.000, for more information on the sale click here.

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  1. Do you know if they are selling any of the cars out of his collection? Last I heard they were all rotting in his warehouses…..

  2. Nice! But please do not sell it to some rapper, who will pimp the car beyond recognition, like the Exelero. :(
    The Nazca is a fabulous looking car, a big shame it never went into production.

  3. Exactly my point! You can’t aford it, so you would’t buy it, so why in a first place you would want it in production?

  4. Obviously a production car like that would not cost 700.000€ each and if people buy their ridiculous Veyrons for 1 mio or more, so what’s wrong with that? Even if I can’t afford it I would like to see it on the road and how possible is it when only 3 cars have been made? If that car would have been produced in a limited run , lets say 500 cars and they would sell it for around 150.000, I bet the car would be a classic now like the 8C.

  5. @Car Spotter, no it wasn’t! This car was part of the collection from ex-Ferrari dealer Hong Seh Motors in Singapore.


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