Ferrari California ADV.1

Earlier this week we showed you a rather good looking Ferrari California sitting on a set of Savini wheels. Today we can show you a new project from American tuner ADV.1 wheels also based on Ferrari’s smallest.

The Ferrari California has always claimed it was a true supercar that deserved its place in the ranks of Ferrari history. Thing is that a lot of supercar enthusiasts wrote it off as a chick‚Äôs car that was good for nothing more than cruising the riviera. The guys from ADV.1 didn’t want the California to wear that name and they transformed it into a ‘man edition’.

More words aren’t needed here, again a fantastic job by the guys from ADV.1.

[Via ADV.1 Wheels]

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  1. I usually don’t care for 20″ wheels on high end sports cars but this is a great looking setup. Nice stance, beautiful color, no gap between the top of the tire and the fender. Well done indeed!


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