Ferrari FF Live Photos in The Mountains

The Ferrari FF press test drives are ongoing at this moment. A total of 200 people were given the option to drive the latest prancing horse. Two Ferrari four-seaters with four-wheel drive were taken to the top of Plan De Corones in the Dolomites at 2,350 meters by air lift.

The pictures shown here were taken by and show the vehicle in the mountains. Feel free to share your thoughts on the controverisal design of the first-ever four-wheel drive Ferrari.

Ferrari FF Live Photos in The Mountains 01

[Via Teamspeed]

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  1. the back of this car makes my eyes sore… lines are going everywhere, and wherever you look you feel like an echo in the shapes… like a bad experiment from west coast custom.

  2. The back of it actually looks good, the front i think its just a bad camera angle…. all we know is with this car, the new lambo, the new pagani, and others the next top gear series can not get here fast enough

  3. The front reminds me of the trollface from the internet, the rest of the car is superb and I like the idea behind this car. It’s a fast, sporty car and it can handle some kids and other bits and bobs but it doesn’t look like a sport saloon which is a good thing. I like that, I like the car.


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