Car Crash Bentley Continental GT Crashed in Russia

Marina Malafeeva, wife of the goal keeper of Zenit St Petersburg, has crashed her Bentley Continental GT last night in St. Petersburg, Russia. The 36-year-old lost control on a slippery road and crashed into a snowbank. Marina Malafeeva died on impact. The passenger of the Bentley suffered severe injuries and was taken to the hospital.

The car turned over, flew through a billboard and crashed onto its roof. The speed of the British luxury car during the accident was at least 150-200km/h. The driver and passenger were not wearing seat belts. Rumours go that the driver was intoxicated. During her last call to her husband, she told him that she drank a glass of champagne.


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  1. And she wasn’t intoxicated. There were no traces of alcohol found and the information about her calling her husband and telling she drank champagne is fake.

    The exact speed said to be 201 km/h.


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