Video Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laps Laguna Seca

MotorTrend has hit the Laguna Seca racing track with Ford’s track ready beast, the Mustang Boss 302. The all-American sports car is based on the same basic principle as the old one, racing heritage in a road-legal package. Whereas the original was based on a Trans-am car, the new car gets many of its parts from the 2009 Mustang Boss 302R

It features a 5.0 liter V8, upgraded to 440hp – an increase of 28hp over the standard GT. A new intake and revised camshafts coupled with a revised ECU make up the power gains. Torque is actually down 10lb-ft from the GT version, now only 380lb-ft. The Boss 302 is the first non-SVT model to pull more than 1g of lateral acceleration. A quad exhaust system offers a better soundtrack.

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