For Sale 1999 Ferrari F430 Scuderia Replica

One of our forum members came across this 1999 Ferrari F430 Replica for sale via The vehicle is a MR2-based F430 Replica, built in 2010 and has a low mileage service history.

The sports car has a replica 430 Engine cover and steering wheel, 19 inch alloys, custom quad exhaust, air conditioning, CD-player, central locking, electric windows, remote locking, sports suspension and alarm.

The price of the replica is £ 20,990 and it has a mileage of 78,000 miles. For more information on this ‘unique’ creation click here.

Overkill, perhaps?

For Sale 1999 Ferrari F430 Scuderia Replica 01

For Sale 1999 Ferrari F430 Scuderia Replica 02

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  1. a replica ? thats stupid thats like buying a 328 bmw and making it look like a m3 … its never going to be as good as the real thing

  2. I’m not to sure about the point of a replica, I’d buy a fast car because I want a fast car not because I want others to think I have a fast car. Then again a lot of people would much prefer the prancing horse on the side, even if it is attached to a MR2. Although, I’ll give credit where credit is due, the exterior is well done.

  3. I’d buy that, thats a job well done.

    and considering those kits usually cost that price, excluding the donor car, labour and paint. good bargain too.

  4. Some dimensions seem to be off, but the craftsmanship is there… I’m not saying I would prefer this to a nicely kitted SW20..but the work done was proper… Now the big issue is the car looks too high.. They need to go down to 18’s and drop it and stagger the wheels, that would go a long ways towards making it more visually appealing.

  5. driftnut753:
    Doesn’t look like a scuderia interior to me, plus the scuderia never came in a six speed only semi-automatic.

  6. kris_vid

    are you stupid? we all know its a replica. but it looks damn good. and it is a scuderia minus the exhausts at the back? maybe you are blind and dont see the scuderia stripes and wheels.

  7. @Shawn, you are complete idiot my friend. Check out the bumpers! Are the looks like Scud bumpers to you? Go see a doctor. And apparently @driftnut753 don’t think this is fake.

  8. @ kris_vd

    why does it matter so much? its not a big deal you douche.
    f430, scuderia its the same thing with a stripe. im sure you have more things to worry about than this.

  9. Actually I have some realy bad things to worry about, but I am trying to avoid that, thats why. And becouse I hate when somebody is wrong and try to convice me that I am wrong. For the last time the stripes isn’t the only exterior distinction. Chek this out and lets stop that for once and forever.



    Can you find the differences?

  10. Yes i see that. and i already mentioned in my first comment that the back and the exhausts were different, and i didnt think the front needs mentioning because you can just see it.

    but then also the stripes and the wheels are scuderia. so its a mix of both cars. which are really the same car. so i dont see the point in argueing about it anyways.

    conclusion is that its a great job done.

  11. 430 and 430 scud are tottally different cars but you wouldn’t really know unless you drove them the aesthetic distinctions are fairly minimal the interiors are radically different but exteriors are not that different.

    I think the car looks great problably the best knock off ive seen.

  12. Oh and Kris with VD. Whoever did this was trying to give the appearance of a scud but didn’t go all out. You’re right its not a scud in fact its not even a 430… whats your point jackass. But you see that little badge next to the prancing horse on the back? It says “430 Scuderia”


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