Photo Of The Day McLaren SLR at 360km/h

Our new photo of the day is this close-up of a McLaren SLR speedometer, which a member on our forum spotted at As you can see in the image the supercar is doing a speed of almost 360km/h.

What is the highest speed you have ever driven in a car?

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  1. At 360kmh the digits should be blurry, even with a stabilized camera, because the dashboard vibrates a lot. It might be a dyno run (or just me being wrong).

  2. Going fast in a car is not that hard, just put your foot down and keep the steering wheel straight. Something I’m more proud of:

    150 km/h on my Salomon 1080 Foils skis on the glacier in Zermatt (GPS verified)

  3. I agree with realdriver, if you have or had a car that fast as mentioned above you wouldnt sit on your PC commenting,you would be out driving with serious speeds.


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