Geneva 2011 Audi A3 Concept

Audi has officially unveiled the Audi A3 Concept at the Geneva Motor Show today. The concept car is based on the upcoming Audi A3 generation and offers a glimpse of the future expansion of the A3 family.

Audi has previously released an official press release of this four-seater sedan. The A3 Concept comes with a five-cylinder turbocharged engine with a power output of 408hp. This power is distributed to all four wheels through a seven-speed S tronic transmission and permanent all-wheel drive.

The A3 Concept is 4.44m long, 1.84m wide and just 1.39m high. These measurements and the design give the car a dynamic appearance.


  1. For me, this car was the highlight of the show.The design is immediately attractive. For once, you really don’t need to say: oh, but it looks so much better in the metal. This looks great any which way you look at it. I love the overall proportions, i love the interior, I love the sheer understated elegance of the thing. This is what Audi does best. The detailing is pretty special too. The LEDs and door handles are decidedly cool, but smart things like relocating the satnav so it sits in the main instrument binnacle are great.Overall, I think this car signals not only what is to come from Audi but from everyone else. People no longer want massive luxo barges that are too big to drive easily in town. We’re all downsizing to cars that are practical, frugal and compact. That said, we still want cars that are fun to drive. All in all, Audi looks like it has got it covered.


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