Top Gear BMW M3 Competition Package

Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May return tonight in Top Gear Season 16 Episode 5. The fifth episode of Top Gear Season 16 includes a test of the BMW M3 Competition Pack and the Audi RS5. Both cars attempt to rewrite the rules on oversteer and power-to-saloon-size ratio as Jeremy wonders whether either can improve on the much-loved normal M3.

Snow. Just one flake of it needs to fall on Britain and the whole country grinds to a halt. The boys have decided to find a solution to this national embarrassment and head to Norway which unlike Britain, can cope with a flurry of snow flakes. The solution is the Top Gear Snowbine Harvester.

Finally, Hollywood actress Amber Heard drives the Reasonably Priced Car. It seems that she does have quite a few interesting points that link her to cars.

Top Gear Season 16 Episode 5 airs 8pm on Sunday 20th February 2011 on BBC2.

Amber Heard


  1. @Josh Walter, watch it first and then talk. It was amazing! RWD BMW beating AWD Audi on wet track, the best TG test for the season! This will shut the mouths of so many stupid idiots which think Audi can make decent sports cars! This understeer was worst than Opel Astra OPC :D

  2. As a BMW-enthusiast – uh independent automotive journalist – I loved the fact that the Audi was killed by the BMW :P… The review of the Audi RS5 was published tonight, so you can read our opinion about the car.

    I loved the drifting and tail happiness of the BMW… Knowing the fact that drive a BMW which has a similar speed potential as that M3, my smile became bigger and bigger :)


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