BMW Security Tests

In the video below BMW shows how you should handle its high security armored vehicles. At a former Soviet military base in East Germany, the German car maker from Munich offers security personell to drive its 7-Series High Security and X5 Security Plus through extreme conditions. The world’s best drivers also how you can handle any life-threatening situation on the road.

Among the tests you will see that the vehicles offer protection from 44 Magnum and AK-47 gun fire as well as small explosives.

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  1. That was really gay…..I mean stupid gay. Seriously, That was a paintball gun and I never saw an AK47. What exactly were they trying to show?

  2. That was the dumbest video! I wish I could get the time that I wasted back ;( I’ve made dry ice bombs more explosive then that! And where were the guns? If I were a robber I would use a real gun and not a paintball gun! haha

  3. The BMW X5 armored is B4 protected, so you are not safe if someone with a AK-47 atacks you , or if grenades are falling down the sky.
    This car should protect us from carjacking or kidnapping and stuff like this.
    If you wanna see some good armoured cars check this out:


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