Ferrari FFour

Ferrari released a new image of the first ever four-wheel drive Ferrari, the Ferrari FFour in a metallic Iron Grey colour today.

In five weeks the Ferrari FF will be shown to the press and public at the Geneva Motor Show 2011. Until than Ferrari will release more details and images of the FFour bit by bit!

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  1. It looks better in this color, but im still not a fan of the hatchback look at all. I think it would have looked amazing if they stayed with the 2+2 coupe configuration

  2. The front is ok, but everything behind the front wheels is ugly. And the car looks badly balanced. Pininfarina, you failed, Ferrari, you’re blind.

  3. I really don’t understand why so many people hate this car. I’m tired of seeing tuned evos, stis, and r32s running with ferraris and lamborghinis on the track, and then tearing through mud and snow to get home right after they’re done racing the 250 grand super cars that become useless when driven on pretty much anything but perfect pavement. Then there’s the obvious practicality factor that comes with the extra passenger and cargo space. I just never understood why a company like subaru could produce a high performance car that’s just as good on the track as it is at getting its hands dirty, but a much more prestigious company like ferrari couldn’t. You don’t have to be rich to love cars, but if you are, you should be able to reward yourself with something that fits your tastes. If your tight on cash, and you want a 2 seat performance car, you can get a z. If you do have money, you buy a 599. The same is true between cars like the dodge charger and m5. Even off road vehicles let you choose between a jeep wrangler and range rover sport. The FF’s softer suspension, extra space, AWD, and 650 hp is ferrari’s way of creating what I see as the world first practical super car. People can finally buy a super car and know that the thousands they’re spending is going towards a little more than a greater presence in the parking lot. If that is what your looking for, or you just don’t like it, there’s nobody stopping you from buying a 458, but believe me when I say ferrari isn’t making a mistake by assuming that there’s a market for these cars.

  4. @mandrew3000. How about the Porsche Panamera Turbo. And do you think that two doors work so well or is very practical on a wagon like car? Sometimes pride leads to big failure and I think that this is not very successful design. Just make the four door Ferrari already.

  5. @Mandrew3000: I was with you, to some extent, until you used the Dodge Charger and BMW M5 to imply “choices for performance minded drivers” of differing pocket depths. The Challenger isn’t a sports car. Its a marketing ploy. The only way to get a sporting experience out a Challenger is to send it to a tuning shop. If anything both “regular” and “supercar” manufacturers fail to deliver something for “everyone”.

    That aside, Bi4kia is alluding to the more important inaccuracy in your comments – this isn’t the first supercar that provided greater practicality. In fact, while I think this car is gorgeous, I wouldn’t buy it because I was looking for more space. I have no doubts that my small son would prefer to sit in the front and not rear seats of this FF car. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the number of practical supercars is far and in between. But then again, there are lots of 2+2s, wagons, hatches, etc over time.

    Porsche 928 – 146 mph (In 1984 it was the fastest US-bond Production car)
    Lamborghini 350 GTV – 174 mph
    Lamborghini 400GT – 167 mph
    Ferrari 400 – 149 mph
    Ferrar 612 – 198 mph
    Bentley GT Supersport – 204 mph
    Mercedes C63 Wagon – 155 mph (electronically limited)

    I could go on and on, but that would be boring. You get the idea.

    The bigger point is this: This car won’t exist for people that want more room. It will exist for people that want more distinctive models. Its an instant collectible that will have skyrocket in value over the years, even for heavily driven models. This car’s primary owner will be someone that can have whatever they want, and intent on doing just that – collecting it all.

  6. panamera turbo? i hope your kidding. CTS-V ftw. better performance and looks.

    The FF doesn’t look THAT bad as everyone is saying. It’s still a good looking car to an extent.

  7. Olala!

    Total loss of inspiration + absolute lack of finesse: all those lines just don’t fit together !

    Did they hire Patrick le Quément or WHAT ? This car could be a Renault Megane IV…

  8. “…ferrari isn’t making a mistake by assuming that there’s a market for these cars.”

    That’s right, in fact Ferrari is making a mistake by building an ugly car.
    Just like Porsche with the Panamera and Aston with the Rapide, they failed a trying to shoehorn a sedan into a sport car, when they should have done the opposite.


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