Video Ferrari California Ripped Apart in Tunisia

The current situation in Tunisia is the worst in years. Plundering, demonstrations and looting are normal daily things. President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia has left the country together with his family amid street demonstrators by protesters calling for his resignation.

The family left behind precious vehicles like the yellow Ferrari 599 GTB stolen by protesters using a forklift. A second Ferrari, belonging to a member of the former presidential family named Sofiane Ben Ali, was looted in the North African country. The Ferrari California in the videos below has been ripped apart. The parts are everywhere inside Sofiane Ben Ali’s home.


  1. people should do this on more places on earth!
    sorry for the cars, but…some needs to fight against the manipulation of the government!

  2. Tell me how destroying cars and property is fight against the government. In the end the president fled the country and he wont comeback. Destroying the property is just stupid. Use it for good.


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