Mercedes C63 AMG Facelift

A while ago we reported about the 2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Estate. It’s rather evident that the guys from Stuttgart will present the saloon version earlier then later. We can expect it by next Summer and these are the first two teasers that leaked onto the Internet.

Visible on the pictures are a changed front bumper with, of course, LED daytime running lights and a new hood to hide the brutal 6.3 liter V8. Details about the output aren’t known yet, but we believe Mercedes-Benz will release more information soon.

Mercedes C63 AMG Facelift

[Via EvoCars]


  1. If you ask me this can’t be competitor to M3, simply becouse they have diferent type buyers. They are very similar on paper and yet so diferent in the real world. Just totaly diferent type of cars.

  2. What??? The are m3 and c63 are constantly put up ugainst each other with the 63 coming out on top. Mercedes just puts out a much better car all the way around. Take the top of the line 7 series and put it against the top of the line s class.


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