Toyota MR2-based Lamborghini LP670-4 SV Replica

We’ve got a fine overkill for you today. Built on a donor MR2 Toyota chassis, this Lamborghini replica definitely deserves the overkill tag. It’s one of the better ones though, for starters it actually bears resemblance to the real Lamborghini LP670-4 SV. However, with a stock 2007 Ford Mustang 4.6 liter V8, this replica is missing around 350bhp.

It’s yours from only $ 37,945.00…

[Via Flickr]

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  1. And the thing I hate most in this replicas is when they pout ridiculous V8 when original car is powered bt V12. Better put stright 6. It’s sounds more like V12. They didn’t say where is this coming from, but I bet my ass this is american.

  2. On a second thought this realy looks like the real deal. I think @jack might be right. Maybe the description in Flickr is wrong. This looks very detailed not like any other replica I’ve ever seen. And if it’t that good no freaking way to cost only 26 000$.

  3. Gotta be one of the best replicas i’ve ever seen. Could find no obvious features, which implies that this is in fact a replica – can you?

  4. is real!! but have never seen a murcielago?? Comè
    you think you can replicate the interior and mechanics
    so precisely with just over 20k dollars?? but come on!!
    do not make the ignorant!

  5. This is a replica? Never in life! Have you seen the dashboard? Or the Brakes, the Wing? This is REAL Carbon. The brakes only would cost 15.000 or more. This is definitely a real SV.

  6. The people who took the pictures are a “company” that make “replicas” (Real shitty btw) called SuperReplicas, they base their whole site and commercials on actual car pictures of supposed replicas. The end products are horrendous though. Take a look at the bald guy in the pic and then look here

    *cringes* this company is somewhat local to where I live and btw that was a real SV sadly riced out.. they just took the opportunity to take pictures with the car lol. they seem to have offices/operations in Mexico too..

  7. fake!! 90% of the cars are real and the other 10% are fake, they blur the line so much that in an attempt to confuses you, go to the site and look at the ferrari 599 video! that is the worst lie ever, they even start the engine and surprise surprise it sounds like a v12 ferrari this coming from a “v8” and when they show they 12 cylinder engine they claim in the video that it is just an engine cover, it even has the original ferrari onboard lcd computer, these people are tryin to make jack-as%# of the public, they claim to need donor cars, abit fishy, my guess is u donate your car, and never see it ever again!

  8. Nick you are right that 90% of the cars are fake on those commercials. What happens though is if you look at the actual finished work, it looks nothing like an original… So really, they couldnt have pulled this one off :P

  9. sorry to add … correcting myself, 90% of the cars on the commercials are REAL.. and they state its a replica of theirs, when it is not.. they just got some english guy going to dealerships and starting real cars up.

  10. They can make perfect replicas these days, exact molds of everything. They get exact dimensions of the chassis. A lot of builders use a lot of oem parts, too. The only reason people knew this was a real murci is because they saw it before or noticed the engine wasn’t a ford. They can easily make an identical replica for this car and you wouldn’t notice the difference.
    You think this car is magic and can’t be replicated? I know it says it’s fiero but you still wouldn’t see a difference in the body. Maybe just the seating position.

    So yes this car is real but it can still be replicated to look 100% exact, some people are doing it.

  11. The car is real and the company is FAKE!!! IF you notice the guy in the picture with his thumb up as if he really built it.. why would he also be taking pictures of it?
    They are based in Panama. If you’ve ever been to Panama, you’ll know if you give anyone there $20k you’re either not getting your $ back or you’ll get killed on the street. That’s one of the poorest countries in South America.

  12. clearly it is a real SV and from someone who makes replicas letting you know Superreplicas is a rip off company that takes pics of real ones and steals factory video claims its a replica take your money and run, they are based in panama. and to all of you that hate replicas, why not just accept instead of crying that you cnt afford one why not work hard at it and get as close as you can with what money you have. not everyone can afford a $280k car so 20k with alot of elbow grease can get you your own little version of a lambo.

  13. The company that supposedly made this car call themselves Super Replicas. But now for those that are thinking of buying from them, I’m going to help you with the decision. Just take a look of how they use the real thing to make you believe.

    Ok, finish with the video?!! What you think? nice right?!! Of course is nice!!!, is the original Ferrari 599. But hey! don’t take my word for it. Take a look at this.

    Here they started just right and you might say “Hey! a real MR2 this is good.. but then.. a recording from a car dealership.. What a surprise another original. This people are really good. NOOOTT!!!

    But hey!! Not everything is a lie. They do really make replicas. The next video is not funny at all… oh no wait… yes it is!!… Especially at the second 0:13 when you see a water bed with 6 wheels… I mean a Reventon with 6 wheels. Think about it, if you are so, meticulous with your replicas then why would you run a car on the street with those wheels and the car doesn’t even look like the original. :D lmao!! And the other orange one is really good, but those wheels are not originals either. Now those they take for a spin, not the originals.

    Ok you guys don’t hate me. I’m just doing a community service here. But Super Replicas I will love to give you an advice. Please MAKE your replicas as you say you do and I will buy not one but 3 of them in cash…

    Ah! and for those that are thinking of buying a replica car from them… I will say “do your research well” and if you can prove they make a perfect replica like they are saying, then go for it!!! I will too.

  14. @LP560-4: it’s just an engine cover f***nut! and also these featured “carbon fiber” attachments are just fake, the whole body is made up of a plastic-like material.the engine comes from a 760 v12 bimer and yes it sounds like a real sv but it isn’t.The interior is handcrafted and looks like suede…this whole piece of crap is fake!


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