Essen 2010 Akrapovic Ferrari 458 Italia

Slovenian exhaust specialist Akrapovic has showcased its new exhaust system for the Ferrari 458 Italia at the Essen Motor Show. The exhaust improves the engine’s power output from 570hp to 581hp at 6,370rpm and the peak torque from 540Nm to 566Nm at 2,400rpm.

The system saves a total weight of 14 kilos. The dry weight of the ‘prancing horse’ goes from 1380 kilos to 1366 kilos.

You want to hear the exhaust tune? Click here!

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  1. 14 kg of weight savings are a lot on a supercar. I would have thought that Ferrari saved a lot of weight but if a tuner still can save 14kg then Ferrari didn’t thought about saving weight on the exhaust.


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