Mentos Ad Featuring HTT Plethore LC-750

Maybe you remember the HTT Plethore LC-750, the first Canadian supercar shown to us at the Top Marques Monaco 2010 event in March. Mentos just launched its new promotion campaign for its Mentos Fruity Fresh 3. The new add features a few vehicles including the Pléthore LC-750.

HTT has worked 13 years on the sports car producing 750hp (optional up to 1300hp). It has a body and frame of full carbon fiber. The complete is weighing only 1149 kilos. The Pléthore is a three-seater with central driving position supercar. The vehicle is powered by an 6.2 liter V8 engine with electric injection linked to a six speed manual or an optional six-speed sequential gearbox.


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