One-Off Lancia Stratos Handed Over by Pininfarina

The first and only creation of a modern-day Lancia Stratos has been delivered this week to its owner Michael Stoschek. The German millionaire is the man behind one-off Italian supercar handed to him at Pininfarina’s headquarters outside of Turin.

The Italian designer took two years to complete the project which is based on the Ferrari 430 Scuderia. Within two weeks the Italian supercar will be presented to the international press at the Paul Ricard Circuit.

One-Off Lancia Stratos Handed Over by Pininfarina 01

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  1. Very few things are quite this unattractive. I’m been clueless as to why anyone would build, much less commission such a monstrosity.

  2. This is freaking stupid!all this fuss about the new stratos and then what?an ugly(how did they manage it?) f430 with a lancia badge and its just one,wake up people!


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