Lightweight Spartan-V from Australia

A new member to the sports car scene is this Spartan-V. The limited edition is build in Australia and powered by a 1198cc V-Twin Italian Ducati engine producing 170hp. The engine is linked to a sequential six-speed gearbox. The total weight of the vehicle is less than 300kg or 661 pounds.

The company behind the project states that the vehicle is capable of reaching 100km/h (62mph) in less than three seconds and that it tops out at a top speed of 280km/h (173mph).

The chassis is a tubular space-framce and the body work is made of carbon fiber. A switchable electronic traction control is available as well.

Price tag is $ 90,000 Australian Dollars or about $ 84,000 US dollars depending on your needs.

For more information please contact Spartan!

[Via Autoblog]


  1. William from Gowanloch Ducati was telling me about this car so I tracked it down – Pretty & Nasty – What a masterpiece!.

    With Ducati’s 1198 motor providing motive force, it’s sleek, elegant and enticing. This car could break your heart and put it back together again in a single breath.

    Superlative ! ! ! Hope I get to see and hear it one day. BTW, love the Spartan Helmet Logo.


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