Mansory Maserati GranTurismo S

Mansory has added an additional brand to their tuning portfolio. The conversion of the Maserati GranTurismo includes all the usual changes from the company from Brand in Bavaria.

The body kit includes a newly designed front spoiler with discreet spoiler lip and a carbon fiber radiator grille. Additional air inlets and outlets enable the new light-construction bonnet to regulate the temperature in the V8 engine compartment. The drawn-down deep door-sills, the carbon fiber spoiler lip at the back, the carbon inlay for the integrated exhaust pipes in the rear apron and a diffuser complete the new llook. All add-on parts are made from carbon fiber.

Mansory installed progressive sport suspension in the front and rear axles, which lower the vehicle’s centre of gravity by around 30 millimetres. Contact to the tarmac is maintained by 255/30 R 20 front tyres and 305/30 R 21 tyres at the back. Mansory is the first manufacturer worldwide to market forged wheels exclusively for Maserati GranTurismo models. On request of the customer, these wheels are sprayed in the colour of the vehicle and decorated with black accents.

A performance-optimised ECU, an air filter with increased air throughput and a sports exhaust system with two double-suction tail pipes enhance the performance of the V8 aggregates by 30hp each for both the GT and GTS. At the same time, the torque is increased by around 40Nm compared to the series models.

The interior features Mansory’s own brand of upholstery. The leather used for the interior is hard-wearing and soft. The aluminium pedals and new sporty steering wheel are additional visual highlights.

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  1. I hate the color, but Mansory’s work is just awesome.
    I really love it.
    If I had a Granturismo S, I would already have ordered one complete Mansory kit.

  2. OMG……….. Ok this is simple, I gotta start my own company, get some poor tasteless rich guy to lend me his car to “make it better”, make it as fugly as possible using copious amounts of either chrome, gold or wacky colors both inside an out, thats gonna be the recipe to a $hitload of money :D

  3. The GranTurismo is the world’s most beatutiful car.
    A masterpiece from Maserati. By adding all of this aftermarket gear, this design pinnacle is only reduced and it screams “look at me” – when no screaming should be needed.


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