Spyshots Mysterious Ferrari 458 Italia Test Mule

YouTube user Malox91 has spotted and filmed a mysterious Ferrari 458 prototype a few days ago near Ferrari’s factory in Maranello, Italy. The vehicle is disquised from front to back, which makes it hard to distinquish the model.

We generally believe that the vehicle in the video is the new Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder, which will hit the market in 2011. But what are your thoughts? Feel free to share them below in the comment box.

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  1. Yeah – I am thinking this is a 612/599 mule. Take a look at the profile of this car, say 0:03, with the 458. The lengths are totally off.

  2. well I wont disappoint you but this is not a picture of a mid engine car . note the position of the rare wheel compared to the bumper and the door . this is the next gen escaglietti with California roof or sth like that . and is not fiorano because of the shape of the door .

  3. I am 90% sure this is the next Scaglietti. It sounds like 12cyl engine but the sound quality is too bad and it could be 8cyl. And it is 100% front engined but the space between the driver and the rear axle is too big for two seater coupe and the car is too big for something based on the California so it is most likely to be the next four seater V12 grand tourer Ferrari.

  4. No way! This car here is front engine car or FR layout not MR. And look at the door. 458 has totaly different door design with some lines around the handle and this car here has flat door nothing like the 458.


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