Mexican Porsche GT3 Crash

Sadly, we have got a fatal Porsche 911 GT3 crash to report. It happened in Veracruz, Mexico when the owner lost control at 120mph and crashed head on into a Coca-cola truck. Just to give some perspective on the two pictures we have, the rear section of the car ended up 900 feet away from the front. Neither passenger or driver stood a chance.

Mexican Porsche GT3 Crash

[Via WreckedExotics]


  1. bibou:

    No, it’s not like a 270km/h crash against a wall. Newton’s third law of motion apply here…

    Search for “Mythssion Control: Crash Force” on youtube to see for yourself.

  2. There were 3 people on the car, racing against a Dodge Charger (what did they expected to prove, anyway?) while coming to Puebla for a trackdaysmexico event. Yes they should have met us but they didn’t, and the whole supercar caravan went on. It was until later that a call let us know what had happened… you should have seen the rest of the pictures! The engine block and transmission were spread through the highway, the steering wheel was torn apart from the column, and guess how the passengers ended up. Yup, pretty graphic photos.


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