2010 BMW M3 GTS 480x280

After last weekends 24hr race and the offical win of the M3 GT, rumours are suggesting a new member to the E92 M3 line-up. A limited edition to eclipse the current and sold out GTS version.

The first information indicates that the vehicle has already reached the design stages and will keep the conventional M3 body style although the rear arches are more massaged and wider leading into the side sills. The wheels to be used have a Y-shape design in five spokes and are much lighter than the competition wheels. At the front only a double lip spoiler protrudes from the front a few inches. The rear keeps the carbon fiber adjustable spoiler from the GTS.

The most important subjects is the weight reduction. The roof remains carbon fiber, as well as a new bonnet and rear deck lid. The lightweight glass also remains.

Power details have not been unveiled up to this stage. However, engineers have been working on getting more power from the V8 which will be matched to a DCT transmission. The car could also use the incoming M5’s KERS regenerative braking and boost function.

The design concept for this M3 is finished in Stealth Frozen matte black with matching wheels.

If you ask us, this is definitely the right way to say goodbye to an excellent M3 line-up.

[Via M3post.com]


  1. The limited of the limited of the limited edicion of the m3, it’s like Porsche GT3 RS, it’s the lightweight of lightweight version of the 911.
    And the stupidest thing is that this type of cars are a lot more expensive than the Normal ones wich have a lot of more expensive equipment. I know the price of the better engine parts and the lightbody parts are expensive but come one! Even more stupid is that they sell this type of cars to a costumer telling that is the fastest they can make and the next day some performance company does a KIT to increase HP, reduce more weight. And they spend that kind of money on the car and then go to a track day somewere, where they are lapped by a bloke in a 30K Caterham or Radical something.
    In the case of the GT3, I’ll would buy a normal 911 or a Cayman without aircon and options extras and then i’ll go to a good Performance company and do the same. And i realy think it would become a lot cheaper than buy the GT3RS or thats just me?

  2. Although i agree with you on some points the porsche is a whole other story. It uses a COMPLETELY different (and more reliable) engine block than the regular carrera. The GT3 is 100% worth the extra money over the Carrera (the gt3’s engine is the most powerful naturally aspirated 6 cylinder engine on the road). BUT i agree the RS is not worth the additional cash (Unless you have money to burn). In the case of BMW well this article really hasn’t made it clear how this car is better than the last itteration really this car and the last one seem like afterthoughts to me and even if i had the money to buy the GTS I’d stick to the normal M3

  3. sooooo we are getting lighter wheels a carbon fiber trunk and hood and possibly KERS. DUMB, KERS might be cool but I’m sure you’re going to pay out the ass for this package. go see a tuning company


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