Ferrari California

Leaked documents have recently confirmed that the California will get a manual gearbox. The downsides? Well, there is plenty. Whilst purists will agree that a Ferrari should naturally have a manual option, placing one in the California has reportedly increased the amount of time the 0-62mph (100km/h) sprint takes. The dual-clutch standard unit achieves figures of under four seconds wheres a manual will come in around 4.2 seconds.

Another disadvantage appears to be fuel consumption figures which fall from 17.8 mpg with the dual-clutch to 15.8 with the manual option. You will be pleased to hear that the top speed remains 193mph regardless of the option. You will be able to spec the Manual box in Europe this month and the US in the near future.

[Via MotorAuthority]


  1. Well of course manual is slower otherwise there would be not point to dual-clutch and fuel economy depends more own how you drive and not what kind of transmission you have.


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