Maximillion Cooper, founder of the famous Gumball 3000 rally, is selling his very rare 1993 Jaguar XJ220S. Only six Carbon Fibre race spec editions of the XJ220 have ever been made for the road and they cost over £600.000 new.

It is 650bhp strong engine has only rolled 11,000 miles (17,600km) and the car was always properly looked after by Don Law, a Jaguar’s XJ220 specialist in the United Kingdom. It is no surprise that keeping this baby in running and in good shape will cost quite a bit, that’s also reflecting in the current list price of £165,000 (€188.000 – $254.000). The chances we will see one of these on the road again will be slim; although it’s no shame to see this legendary Jaguar end up in a car museum or someone’s private car collection.



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  1. quite amazing how they got all that power from that engine, and that that car, with all its weight, and being that old is faster accelerating than a zonda. (normal zonda)

  2. Its original colour was grey/silver and it had a Matt Black wrap for teh rally, it has since been re-sprayed in white. they didnt make any white XJ220’s. (Source

  3. I do not think this is an original XJ220S as modified by XK Engineering. There were 5 actual XJ220s’s built and a half completed one finished by a private buyer. I have no doubt that the engine/brakes have been upgraded to XJ220S specs by Don Law, including the carbon fibre nose cone, but the rear panels are definitely standard XJ220 aluminium – original XJ220S’s have a very large carbon fibre rear wing with no luggage compartment.

  4. Its funny how everybody says it was silver/gray with a grey wrap.. Because on the gumball site it says it was gray then re-sprayed to monaco white or something like that

  5. That’s a standard XJ220 rear body – as the other post says, the genuine 220S had a large rear wing like the 220C. Its engine was 680 bhp, not 650, and it was CHEAPER than the road car, at around 250,000 plus tax, not “600,000 pounds”. I suspect this is an “optimised” XJ220 with a tuned engine and 220S nose fitted.


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