Gold Ferrari Enzo

Gold cars are probably the newest trend. We have seen nice creations and certainly overkill’s.

Knowing that not all Enzo’s ever made are still driving around makes this gold edition even more special. Anyway, this time it is up to you? Is this gold Ferrari Enzo an overkill or not?

[Via L4P]

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  1. Normally i do not like the GOLD foil on any car (i am assuming that is what is on this car) but i must admit, this looks spectacular!!! i had to look several times at the photo because it looks like something someone photoshopped. But, it is a real picture and for a car like this, to make people stare more at it…..well…..all i have to say is WOW! Definitely NOT overkill.

  2. Usually I am not a fan of gold color in anything. In watches or any ornamental metallic thing, I prefer the color of steel, brushed aluminum, metallic silver, gun metal and such. But I have to accept, I do in some strange way like this color on this car, may not want to buy even if I could ever afford an Enzo. But it is attractive for something to be looked at. It brings out all the lines and surfaces in the car design alive.

    It looks like it may have a matt finish in combination with metallic to make it reflective, versus a smooth finish. Somehow that seems better.

  3. I’m glad it’s a photoshop

    Otherwise I’d have to track the owner down and kill them……a gold Enzo borders on being a criminal act

  4. You see it’s retouched because it’s brighter than the rest of the photo. And the rims must be lighter aswell. Happy that it’s p-shopped.

  5. You are all so smart , that you don’t see whats further away than your nose is long !! That photo of the Enzo is never photoshoped !!!If you take a closer look to the right side you will see the feet and legs mirrored of a person thats standing right next to the car and whose feet are clearly visible !!!

    Buy some glasses ore be more modest in your comments


  6. If you would use photoshop you would know that you can change the colour without erasing the reflections. Same happened with the pink Enzo at Fiorano you will find by searching a pink enzo at google pictures.


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