Vossen Forged Midnight Edition BMW X5

America is home to a lot of tuned cars but on the other hand there also a lot of people who want more discrete tuning. Therefore several tuning companies offer a lowering kit and a nice set of wheels. One of them is the Miami-based Vossen Forged.

Their latest project is based on the 2010 BMW X5. In front you will get 22×9.5 inch wheels and in the back you’ll find 22×11 inch wheels. The car is finished with gloss black paint centers, flat black spoiler lips and a gloss black pinstripe.

We have added a ten picture gallery showing you the car from several angles. Enjoy!

[Via L4P]


  1. Oh no, hummer has some offroad competition now >_> . this is a pointless car. as if the original X5 was any good at what a 4×4 should do. they have crippled it more.


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