GTspirit HD Video

Some of you have already seen bits and pieces of our latest improvement. HD video will be the new standard for GTspirit. After we started with video coverages at the beginning of this year, we have found the best possible way of serving our experiences with you.

The teaser video below pulls the wraps off our new HD video content to be fully unveiled before the end of this year! Do not forget to switch to full-screen mode!

Expect to see more HD video content in 2010 and share your thoughts with us!


  1. Nice trailer!!! The cut looks very well done.

    btw. I hope you guys noticed that speeding in Munich’s tunnels is a no go because of the newest speed camera technology. You don’t see a flash when getting caught.

  2. dunno about you guys, but I have massive problems playing the HD vids. they load quickly, but they are playing very choppy and its no fun to watch until I disable HD mode. I do have the newest plugin versions and a good enough internet connection (dl: 5600 kbps, 604 kbps up) .. has been like that with HD since the very first vid on this page.


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