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Top Gear’s first episode of the 14th season had Romania as hosting country. We probably all remember them test between the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spider, the Aston Martin DBS Volante and the Ferrari California. The Romanian government said that Jeremy Clarkson was insulting towards the locals during the show and now ask to remove the remarks made by Jezza.

Jeremy described Romania as a “Borat Country”. When driving around Clarkson was also wearing a head and stated:

I’m wearing this hat so the gypsies think I am one. I’m told they can be violent if they don’t like the look of you.

Later on Jezza was also seen washing his face before he said “cool, refreshing communist water”.

Romanian ambassador in London, Ion Jinag, said he was surprised and simultaneously disappointed about Clarkson’s failures. They also said that they anticipate a positive response to their request for changes.

[Via The Telegraph]

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  1. “Clarkson was also wearing a head”

    Yes, TV hosts have a better career when they have heads attached to their bodies.

    Also, there is nothing offensive in his jokes. Note the important part of that sentence: “jokes”. Top Gear has shown how awesome the country is, by using BBC-quality shooting and indicating their hospitality throughout the show.

  2. oh come on!
    they take it to serious
    its Top Gear!
    Jokes, Clarkson so on …
    it was a communist country so lets cry about it …
    im from Moldova which is still a Freakn Communist Country … and what ? im know it i hate them … but what can i do … ???
    watch Jeremy and Laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its like that politician have a BIG COMPLEX
    and thats already his problem not Clarksons …
    Psihiatry can help ya …

  3. It was the same when Clarkson did the Scirocco “polish” commercial. Polish officials were very ‘touched” while normal people gave it a go. But the word “gipsy” can be very offensive for some.

  4. i am romanian and i saw the episode and i did not felt insulted! he is joking about everything! and he is the one who said in the end that he’d love to stay there for ever for that road! common people in Romania liked the episode as they like top gear! only one “goof” in the episode : “the local version of top gear” is not in Romanian!


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