Today PistonHeads spotted a new supercar by the relatively unknown car manufacturer Aspira, undergoing vehicle-approval testing in the UK. The Aspira F620 was caught at Leighton Buzzard IVA centre, hoping to gain low-volume full production status.

Not a lot is known about the Aspira F620 or the company, but according to PistonHeads, Aspira have managed to get 538bhp out of their 6.2 litre LS376 GM V8 engine, with a maximum speed of 209mph. The F620 also comes with a six-speed Graziano gearbox, full integral roll cage, custom leather interior and ceramic brakes. The car is loosely based on a kit car produced by US company Race Car Replicas.

It is rumoured that Aspira will aim to make ten cars a year with the price starting at £110,000, which would put the F620 in the same market as the Ultima GTR and Mosler’s.

[Via PistonHeads]


  1. Unusual windshield but it gives some personality. Good aerodynamics should compensate for the lack of bhp… let’s hope that there’s lots of carbon in there (doubtful at this price). Also being called F620 is misleading.


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