BMW Vision Concept IAA 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show

At every major motor show a number of concept cars are being presented to the press and general public. Here’s our selection of the best and most interesting concepts at this years IAA Frankfurt Motor Show.

BMW Vision EfficiencyDynamics Concept:

The Vision concept from BMW – shown above – was hard to miss. The imposing vehicle is a plug-in hybrid with the performance of a BMW M3. The futuristic 2+2 coupé sprints from zero to 62mph in just 4.8 seconds and is electronically limited to 155mph. A three-cylinder turbodiesel engine and two electric motors – one at the front and one at the back – power the car constructed from aluminium and polycarbonate.

Audi E-tron Electric Concept:

IAA 2009 Concepts 002

The all-electric supercar from Ingolstadt, the E-tron, shows Audi’s future car-making direction. The R8-based model features four electric motors, one on each wheel. They deliver 230kW of power and a jaw-dropping 4500Nm of torque. The e-tron sprints from 0-100km/h in an impressive 4.8 seconds.

Mini Coupe Concept & Mini Roadster Concept:

IAA 2009 Concepts 003

Mini’s Coupe Concept was not one of the best looking concepts we came across. The heart of the Coupe is a 1.6-litre turbo petrol engine from the John Cooper Works hot hatch, which means 208bhp and 192lb ft. The rather ‘striking’ aluminium roof ensures a lower centre of gravity and lighter weight. Mini integrated some chassis modifications. However, it still remains a front-engined and front-wheel drive car.

IAA 2009 Concepts 004

Mini unveiled a Roadster Concept alongside it’s new Coupe Concept. The new car is strictly a two-seater with a chopped roofline and tilted back windscreen. The roll-bar structure has been moved forward so it sits directly behind the seats.

A new multi-function screen display has five new gimmicky indicators: the Nature Guard (how eco friendly you’re driving), Highspeed Shifter (when to shift for maximum power), Gravity Indicator (lateral and g-forces), Heart Beat (engine speed visualized by beating heart) and Buddy Radar (shows where other Mini drivers are).


IAA 2009 Concepts 005

The GTbyCitroen concept was unveiled in Paris last year and created for the 5th game in the GranTurismo Playstation series. The massive racer wears a large wraparound windscreen. The blue LED headlamps and slim-line carbon fibre rear view mirrors give the car a futuristic style.

Citroen REVOLTe:

IAA 2009 Concepts 006

The REVOLTe concept looks back at the 2CV, which celebrated its 60th anniversary last year. Inside the REVOLTe three people can be seated – one up front and two in the back. You will access the car using suicide doors. Citroen where can we get this paint job?

Peugeot RCZ:

IAA 2009 Concepts 007

This is the only car in this list which is not a concept but a production version but we didn’t want to hold it back. With its sporting Zagato-style double-bubble roof and muscular wheel arches, the RCZ is rather nice styled car. The 308-based coupé will be available with a petrol and hybrid drivetrain as a supplement.

Marussia B2:

IAA 2009 Concepts 008

The Marussia B2 was one of the pleasant surprises of the Frankfurt Motor Show with its Enzo-like looks. The body shell is the only major difference with its brother the B1. The same frame is begin used. The Marussia B2 is still in the concept phase and it is unclear if we will ever see this awesomely ridiculous vehicle on the Russian or European roads.

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