Emil Baddal 250tii

You may recognize Emil Baddal for the concept work he’s done on BMW’s and Lamborghini’s before. We had to do a double take on this BMW 250tti concept when we first saw it. It turn’s out it’s a refined drawing of the earlier BMW concept that we saw, this time with a proper spoiler, redesigned diffuser and wheels as well as cleaner design lines.

It’s a pretty stunning design but obviously it is only a design as Emil has no connection to the German company. Still, he seems pretty eager for BMW to produce a supercar. Perhaps this is his!

[Via AutoBlog.nl]

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  1. I like most of it.
    Not the front end, though.
    Headlights, kidney grille shape and front bumper shape all look really sloppy and remind me of a pile of disassembled cardboard boxes. The headlights look too Tron-ish. Also looks like someone of considerable size sat on the hood and squashed the front of the car causing the outer edges of the bumper to tilt outward.
    Looks GREAT from the side and rear 3/4 views, though.

  2. This looks like a kitcar! Absolutely horrendous, yes, horrendous, I do believe that word just about sums up this concept.


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