Carlsson E-Class Coupe

Carlsson’s tuning kits have been guilty, in the past, of being a little over-the-top. Basically, they only appealed to footballer types. Take the CK63 RS for example, not only is it matte black, it also features Lamborghini style doors. For their latest kit, the E-type coupe, they’ve acknowledged this stereotype and designed something that might perhaps appeal to a larger audience.

Their ideas for the CLK replacement include replacement wheels. Choices include the “1/5 REVO” 20-inch alloys for €3969 ($5,645) and the 19 inch “1/11 Evo Brilliant Edition” alloys for €2499 ($3,554). Also available is the sport lowering kit (€239 / $340) which reduces the ride height by 30mm (1.2″).

This means that you can have Carlsson modifications without making your car stand out any more than a new set of alloys would do. No over-the-top doors or overkill badging involved!

[Via WorldCarFans]

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