Heffner TT LP560

Heffner Performance has taken the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 into their workshop to make it even stronger, just like they did with the previous Gallardo.

Via L4P we are able to show you the first pictures of the Twin Turbo LP560. Heffner’s engineers are still finalizing the system and didn’t release any official figures yet. The previous Gallardo had an output of 942bhp, we hope to see the TT LP560 reach 1000 horses! Stay tuned for more…


  1. Love the work they do on the LP560 that thing probably would spank a Bugatti with no problem except for to speed… Underground Racing UR hit 238 mph with their Gallardo in one mile thats really fast!!!

  2. Why is it every time Heffner comes out with something cool the Underground racing group comes charging with hate comments.
    almost every blog or news site where you can leave comments you see some underground nut swinger bashing Heffner.

    underground racing = low class haters

  3. Well im not saying I hate them I like them all they have their ways of doing Turbos …But i like anyone who puts Turbos on a Lambo …the Lambo Engines are made for Turbo power! They make Bugatti look like a waste of money$$$BIGTIME$$


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