G-power BMW X5 Typhoon RS

G-power has unveiled its brand new Typhoon RS conversion kit for the BMW X5. The full package contains exterior and interior trims, performance enhancements and extra-broad 23-inch wheels and tyres. The performance package is ment for the BMW X5 xDrive48i and delivers an increase of 270HP / 199kW to 625HP / 460kW at 6,100rpm and renders a torque increase of 475Nm to 700Nm at 5,300rpm.

The exterior of the Typhoon RS gets new front- and rear skirts qualified for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. On each side you will have five LED units which can be activated by remote control or by opening the door. They illuminate the ground at both sides of the car.

G-power adds wing extensions at the front- and back axle. The car itself becomes seven centimeters wider to ensure the placement of the 23-inch wheels and Michel 315/25 ZR tyres. The Silverstone forged aluminium wheels in the dimensions 11Jx23 at the front and 12Jx23 at the back were designed for the Typhoon RS.

The rear bumper of the Typhoon RS has been designed like the front skirt and therefore entirely replaces the serial bumpers. The two end pipes of the new G-power stainless steel end muffler and diffuser make up the rear appearance. A new spoiler is mounted to the boot lid.

The interior can be changed with an exlcusive set of accessories like a new sport steering wheel, speedometer in Typhoon design and aluminium extras. Wishes concerning leather and ulta-suede colours can be addressed to G-power.

The performance figures have been upgraded. The G-power SK III RS supercharger system gives the 4.8 litre engine a performance increase of 270HP / 199kW to 625HP / 460kW at 6,100rpm and renders a torque increase of 475Nm to 700Nm at 5,300rpm. G-power states you will experience “a perfect throttle response at any time”.

More new hardware is added to the tuned X5. There is two-part carbon intake air duct with large, aerodynamic transverse sections, a large-volume aluminium charge air cooling system in the front of the X5 and a G-power Speedflow high-performance exhaust system which is entirely made of stainless steel and includes racing headers, racing catalysts and end mufflers, form the peripheral equipment of the supercharged engine.

The refined V8 engine got a new set of forged pistons for compression reduction, manufactured in the Formula 1 department at Mahle. Eight new fuel injectors with a larger fuel mass capacity, a new ignition map for engine electronics and an additional re-cooling system for engine oil and cooling water perfect the engine makeover. Of course, also the serial transmission is modified and adjusted to the performance.

The figures speak for themselves. The G-power SK III RS supercharged engine in combination with the six-gear automatic transmission and the xDrive 4WD enables the German SUV to catapult you from 0 to 100km/h in about 4.5 seconds. After 16,0 seconds, the mighty five-door car already reaches a velocity of 200 km/h. The maximum speed is ‘only’ 285 km/h.

The G-power Typhoon RS can also be ordered as a complete automobile. The full Typhoon RS body kit is available for around 12.000 euros.

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