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I think it’s fair to say that we’re not huge fans of German tuning company ASMA. Pretty much every car we’ve seen from them in the past has gone into our overkill section. It appears that they have picked up one or two fans along the way… even if they can’t afford to have a real ASMA conversion done on a brand new car.

This Russian Mercedes E-Class W124 owner looks to have been one of these people. From looking at the rear it becomes obvious that the car has been worked on by ‘Arturos’ a company we have never heard of before, and neither has Google!

The front reminds us heavily of the huge extended grilles that we usually see on ASMA’s cars. ASMA, however, usually stick to just four exhausts rather than the six we see on this car. We’re also at a loss when it comes to explaining the 5.5 litre badge on the rear, as far as we know the E-Class was never fitted with such an engine…

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[Via EnglishRussia]

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  1. There was the AMG E300 5,6 a.k.a. “The Hammer” in 1987. Maybe there was just no “6” available in Russia?? ;-)


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