The Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 Roadster is probably one of the best looking roadsters driving around on our planet. Only problem is it’s roof, that one doesn’t go on and off automatically when you want it to. When you then leave your house with nice sunny weather there’s no problem, yet. The owner of an LP640 Roadster in the video below found out why people always complain about the weather in Great Britain….

[via Autogespot]


  1. Downpour = lots of rain in a short time…

    Roadster without roof = no protection for the interior…

    Roadster in downpour = very bad for expensive interior

  2. Neil, I believe that the Lamborghini tech’s did look at such an issue…which is why the car comes with a soft-top for just this sort of occasion. It’s the owner’s fault for failing to put the top on. Such a shame as well…

  3. If you going to spend the money on a Lamborghini LP640 go for the HARDTOP NOT THE OPEN TOP lol have you ever seen the setup for the cover on the opentop roadster..You have to manually install the top on it and its a piece of crap set up ..I highly recommend the hardtop..go for the Gallardo open top that has an auto convertable top on it lol


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