Amazingly, this is the first time that we’ve got to see what a bog standard LP670-4 SV looks like. Since it’s release back at the start of March, Lamborghini have hidden this car’s spec level from us. These pictures were shot through showroom glass in Czech Republic so we expect to start seeing some higher quality pictures of this car soon.

The smaller wing is part of the LP670-4 SV’s standard trim level. The larger wing, included in the ‘Aeropack‘, is rumoured to cost as much as €7,000 on top of the standard car’s price. Let us know what you think of the smaller wing in the comment box below…


  1. These are my photos :) Next time I will put there copyright, but it was nice car. This car will be in Autosalon Brno 2009, so they will certainly be more high-quality pictures:


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