Todays most bizar video comes from the streets of Moscow where a mixup had two innocent guys in a Techart tuned Porsche Cayenne attacked by a Russian SWAT team.

The story behind it is not a nice one: Four guys robbed a bank somewhere in Moscow and killed one of the bank employees. Multiple witnesses saw them getting away in a black Porsche Cayenne with a 177 – 177 license plate. Police deployed a SWAT team a couple kilometers down the always busy Moscow roads ready to ambush the bank robbers.

This is where the video kicks in. A member of the police force films how the SWAT team is waiting for the black Porsche matching the 177 – 177 license plate, when it shows up SWAT quickly attacks the vehicle. A flash bang is deployed to blind and disorient the people inside the car, the tyres are popped and the windows are smashed. Only than they find out this Techart Cayenne does not belong to the bank robbers but to two businessmen who are going into town to have lunch…

The Cayenne is taken out of sight and the mistake should be dealt with while the SWAT team again deploys along the side of the road waiting for the right Cayenne. For the second time they attack a black Cayenne matching the description and this time it’s the right one. It shows there’s not to be messed with the SWAT and police teams in Russia. In the end the license plates both shared the 177 – 177 digit combination but had different letters combinations.

GTspirit tip of the day: Buy a one-off car or personalize your car completely to make sure you’re not confused for criminals in their getaway car. Or buy one of these of course, than even the Russian SWAT teams will have a hard nut to crack.

Warning: This video contains some violent actions.

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  1. I am surprised they didn’t give all the suspects straight headshots…

    Those Russian swat teams are sometimes “a little bit” overreacting.

  2. I think they already overreacted…that’s no behavior for any kind of police, no matter if it’s Russia or a west eurpoean country! Very smart to film tough. That gives a real good publicity!

  3. What are you talking about? Its a special police force dealing with dangerous armed gang! You think this situation will differ anywhere in the world?
    They are always pressing suspect physically and verbally to deny them any chance to plan resistance or escape attempt. The guy who was kicked the most refused to lie face down as he was ordered.

  4. That is just brutal and I feel realy sorry for the two business men!! Must be horrible to get into a situation like that!

  5. There are some upsides about driving VW Golf ;)

    I don’t get dragged out of car at totally random times by police special units on traffic lights, for example :P

  6. Sort of fail on the Russian Swat side, but understandable. I heard that the buisnessmen were compensated, so I suppose it just ended up as an inconvenience to the buisnessmen. But there’s nothing to be outraged about…


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