In Geneva Roland Gumpert officially launched the Gumpert Apollo Speed, with 800 hp and a super aerodynamic design one of the most powerful and fast cars on display this year. Actually it has so much downforce it could drive upside down in a tunnel with 270 km/h.

If you’re wondering what this street legal racer with 800 hp can do, here’s the answer: 0 to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds, 0 to 200 km/h in 8.9 seconds and the adrenaline rush won’t stop until the Apollo Speed-o-meter tops out around 360 km/h.

It’s not just hp that makes the Apollo Speed as fast as it is. Extensive research and updates to the cars aerodynamics resulted in very high downforce values and low air resistance. Additionally the Apollo Speed has a lower ride height, wheel covers and a fully enclosed underbody made from carbon and aluminium. Purely cosmetic the Apollo Speed has redesigned rearlights and a leather or alcantara interior.

The passengers cabin consists of a monocoque with a elegant and sporty interior. The sports seats are equipped with 4 point seatbelts. For a car like this the interior is far from spartan: it has everything from airconditioning to a dvd multimedia system and rearview camera.

Without a doubt it’s one of the most technically advanced and unique supercars on the market today. It takes about 6 months to build one Gumpert Apollo Speed and production is limited to 30 Apollo’s a year, so far 43 Gumpert Apollo’s have been build. The price tag for this highly exclusive but above all incredibly fast Apollo Speed is 400.000 euro.

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