Porsche Panamera - Porsche Cayenne Turbo

A while ago we showed you the winter car testing capital, the place to be for every car manufacturer. Beside testing ABS and ESP systems, the new cars also do several miles to test other reactions to cold and freezy weather and getting stuck can sometimes turn out rather annoying. The picture shows you to better buy a Panamera 4S if you’re planning to go on snow holidays every now and then, because the 2 wheel drive Panamera got stuck in the snow. Luckily the test team had a Porsche Cayenne Turbo nearby to pull the poor 4-door saloon out of the snow. Funny sight if you ask us!

[via Autogespot]

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  1. You forgot a “not”.

    Should be “The picture shows you’d better not buy a Panamera 4S if you’re planning to go on snow holidays now and then”.

    A bit more editing and spellcheck wouldn’t be luxury, quite honestly :)

  2. There’s no reason to put that ‘not’ there! The car in the picture is a 2 wheel drive Panamera, and that’s why you should buy a 4S when you go to the snow!

  3. Fair enough, I read that the wrong way.

    Still, change it. “Shows you to better buy” is far from being grammatically correct, it should be “if you’re planning”, not “when”, it’s “holidays”; not “holiday’s”, and in English, the idiom reads “every now and then”, finally, it should be “luckily”.

    Don’t see the point of stating that road testing a car can be “rather annoying”.

    Yeah, I’m pedantic, I know.

  4. Followed up your advices!

    Thanks, if you have any other corrections to mention on my articles, feel free to contact me on the forum, by sending me a ‘pm’. My username is ‘stieben’.



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