We know that Hennessey tuning can extract some huge figures from American muscle cars. We�ve had 1000bhp Viper�s, 700bhp Viper�s, 750bhp Challenger�s and a 600bhp Nissan GT-R, now the US company have decided to turn their hands to the Camaro. Well, we say Camaro but what we really mean is ZR1 engined Camaro. Hennessey have taken a ZR1 LS9 and shoehorned it into the Chevy!

The limited edition car manages to put out a staggering 705bhp @ 6,400rpm and 717 lb-ft Torque @ 4,400 rpm. That means 0-62mph in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 201mph, it�ll also run a quarter mile in 11.3 seconds with a terminal speed of 125mph.

The base is a 2010 Camaro SS with a 6-speed transmission, and then an LS9 6.2 Litre Supercharged Engine is added. There�s an �aero� bonnet with see-thru blower window and a wealth of Carbon body components such as a rear lip spoiler, rear diffuser, front splitter and side rocker panels. light Weight 19inch wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tyres hide 14 inch calliper�s which can be upgraded to 15 inch unit�s with Carbon rotors. There are coilover suspension upgrades and a new front & rear sway bar upgrades

As it�s based on a Camaro SS, standard factory colours can be ordered which range from �Cyber Gray Metallic� to �Red Jewel Tint Coat�. Hennessey also offer customer�s upgrades including a 5-Speed automatic transmission, a differential cooler and Connolly leather interior with custom colours. Another cool upgrade is the 850bhp 1000bhp Twin Turbo Upgrades that the company offer on top of this kit.

The press release states that �HPE700 buyers will also receive a 1-day performance driving course at Lonestar Motorsports Park � a � mile dragstrip facility located adjacent to Hennessey�s 24,000 square foot production facility and showroom.�


[Via Hennessey Performance]


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