There?s a sales technique that Dubai dealers like to use to make their Bugatti Veyron?s more exclusive over the standard edition. We?ve seen it before, a used Veyron struggles to sell so it?s given to a tuning company and transformed to make it desirable. Last time it happened however, we were looking at what was essentially a fake ?Pur Sang?, suffice to say we weren?t overly impressed. Now we have another modified Veyron that?s appeared at Prestige Cars in Dubai and we actually like it!

There?s very little info on the car other than the Mansory name, so we?ll have to walk you through the changes that we see in the car. The most obvious is the stunning exposed carbon fibre and dark chrome look the car is wearing. It?s a very classy look and darker than that we see on the Pur Sang. There?s a new set of black wheels which look very impressive coupled with the paint job. Another addition is the V shaped chrome line running through the car?s front air intake which Prestige Cars? website suggests could stand for Vincero. A picture of the side of the car reveals a new crease in the body behind the front wheel housing which looks interesting. The rear looks pretty standard Veyron with the exposed carbon fibre diffuser being the only noticeable difference from the standard car.

It appears as though the car?s interior has been completely re-upholstered to sport the carbon fibre look of the car. There dash is covered in what appears to be Alcantara and there are some white leather seats. The door sill sports the cars name ?Vincero? and the mats have the name of the tuner ?Mansory?. The seats have the ?Vincero? lettering and add a bird emblem that were sure has some resemblance to the name. The black and white perforated look of the seats is carried up to the roof which is a mixture of the material and what also appears to be Alcantara. Prestige Cars? website claims the car to be 1 of 3 which means there could be more of these cars to come from the Swiss tuner. We like it, although we suspect there will be a healthy premium over the standard Veyron.

[Via Autogespot and PrestigeCars]

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  1. Hey guys!
    I read about that car in a Playboy magzine a while ago. I am not 100% sure but I remind that Masory tried to do something with the engine so that they will get an output of roundabout 1200 bhp.
    Hope they might help.


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