Police and speeding, never been and will never be the best friends and if you drive a supercar then the problem is mostly even bigger. In this clip you can see how the Dutch police stops a Ferrari F430 Scuderia. While chasing him the police had to drive way above 200 kmh (125 mph) to catch up with the horse from Maranello. For the non-dutch speaking readers among us, just remember that staying friendly against the police can do a lot! Click on the image and enjoy!

F430Scuderia vs Police


  1. They just laughed about it… they said they did not do a thing wrong. Clear highway, no traffic and just hitting the throttle when he wanted to.

    Lost his drivers license and the other guy contuined the drive. So like if you loose it, do it properly in a Ferrari… the sound is superb! A friend of mine his dad got one :D :D


  2. The driver is currently in jail waiting for his trial due to a legal and crime issues with his investment company.

    This guy might be responsible for letting dissapear 33.000.000 euro with his investment company.

    google (john wolbers)


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