Audi S3 8P by MTM

The Audi S3 must be one of the most underestimated cars out on our roads. With it’s 265 bhp together with 350 Nm of torque and it’s four wheel drive you can easily call it a small rocket. As always this is a little bit too less for the lovers of small and fast cars. A while ago MTM presented a 330 bhp strong S3 but they couldn’t get enough of the little Audi so they came up with the Audi S3 8P. The newest creation has nothing less than 380 bhp and 460 Nm of torque. We guess we can talk about a bigger rocket now! All this power enables the S3 8P to sprint to 62 mph (100 kmh) in less than 5 seconds.

A topspeed isn’t known yet, but we guess it’ll be close to 187 mph (300 kmh). As finishing touch the S3 8P got 19 inch wheels and a Brembo brake system. Not bad if you ask us!

Audi S3 8P by MTM

[via MTM]

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