We don’t know much about this one but whilst searching the web we discovered some pictures from a truely extraordinary meeting at Luxautica of Florida. A huge line up of Supercars where outside the car rental shop including A normal Bugatti Veyron and Pur Sang edition, two MC12’s, a Lamborghini Reventón, two Enzo’s an F50, Saleen S7 and what appears to be a Ford GTX1 hiding in the background. Enjoy the pistures below.

[Via LamboPower]

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  1. Not sure if I am reading their pricing correctly, but it looks like it would cost about $100K to drive the Bugatti for 3.75 days for a total of 187.5 miles — ridiculous.

  2. I can assure you that the pur sang in this pictures is the real thing. There has only been 1 made so far out of the 5 and thats it. I know because I work there. We are located in Orlando, so if you are ever in town come check it out and you will see.


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