2009 Audi RS4

Car Magazine reports that the 2009 Audi RS4 won’t have a V8 engine like the current model but instead Audi chose to downsize it’s cylinder count for the RS4. This means the new Audi RS4 will have the same 3.0 liter V6 as the 2009 Audi S4. The move from 8 to 6 cylinders is caused by the worldwide emission discussion and manufacturers targets to reduce overall CO2 emissions in the next couple of years.

Car Magazine also got some answers about the upcoming Audi R8 V10 when they sat down with a high-ranking Audi official at the Audi Q5 introduction. The Audi R8 V10 will be naturally aspirated and uses the same engine as the S6 and S8. This takes rumours about the use of the twin-turbo RS6 engine in the V10 R8 out of the way.


What about this forced-induction RS4? The big news is that the next RS4 will get the same 3.0-litre supercharged V6 that will power the S4. When asked whether the market would accept the reduction in cylinder count, our source shrugged, pointing out that the original RS4 was a forced-induction V6 and only when Audi produced the current V8 RS4 did the market follow suit. ‘They [BMW, Mercedes, Lexus] have followed, but now we will go back.’

Why the supercharged V6? ‘We want a high torque figure at low rpm,’ our engineering mole said. But there won’t be an additional turbo or two blowers, as either set-up would be too complex and not worth the extra gain.

Don’t worry though, because our source says the RS4 will be very sporty indeed. And having changed many people’s preconceptions with the outgoing RS4 and latest R8, there’s a will in Ingolstadt to keep the bar raised high.

[via Car Magazine]

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  1. V6 in the RS4… why not I like supercharged and turbocharged V6 because they are strong and doesn’t need so much gas like the V8

  2. i was thinking of buying a 2009 rs4. the biggest attraction was the all wheel drive, second was the *420 horse v8. not sure what i’ll do now, but if the v8 isn’t optional..i think it’s safe to say, that neither is the rs4.

  3. What do you need a V10 in a passenger car for. Accelerating faster to the 30mph limit in residential areas? You will do it in 1.2 sec as opposed to 1.3 with a V6. Wow: I’m impressed !!!! What about traffic? Those big carbon brakes will really help you there. And not to mention winter. The waste heat produced by that lump will get you warm in your car in no time.

  4. There is no 2009 RS4. to get one youll have to wait till 2011. n the Big block v8 would be way better than a pussy turbo 6

  5. @Audi Fan: MTM got good results tuning the V6 in the new S4. I think it’s a good way to make cars lighter and keep similar performance to the heavier V8’s.

  6. “When asked whether the market would accept the reduction in cylinder count, our source shrugged”

    That’s the problem- they don’t give a f**k what the car buying public think. In their greed and arrogance they shove what they think you ought to like under your nose and cut as many corners on the way (eg simplifying the turbo system rather than using the fabulous torque curve flattening twincharger system as seen on the Golf GT, spurning the DGG ‘box for their best cars). If I had the money for a new S4, I’d spend it on an M3 if they keep the V8 engine in it. NOTHING sounds like a V8.

  7. my opinion teìhe V6 turbo or twin turbo is better than te V8 because under the 4000 rpm the V6 have more torque than the V8 and the torque is too important in this type of car… example: the beautiful S5 with the V8 and 344 Hp under 4000/5000 rpm is not too amazing
    maybe the sound of V8 are better than the V6 but for a hi performance car my opinion is better the V6

  8. does it not make it soft?The true power and drive was from the V8 roaring and passing the bmw”s and merc”s thanks for making audi soft


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