McLaren Mercedes SLR Speedster

As a follow up on yesterdays McLaren SLR Speedster article, we now have pictures and video to prove that Mercedes and McLaren are working on this stripped out, limited edition SLR Speedster. The pictures were taken somewhere in the middle of Germany and show a heavily disguised and heavily chopped version of the SLR Roadster. It’s therefore not difficult to see where the weight losses will come from with no windows, windscreen or roof.

McLarenMercedes SLR Speedster

McLaren MercedesSLR Speedster



[Via AutoExpress]

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  1. What amazes me though is that they covered everything in black/white stickers but leave the Merc logo and headlights unsealed. If they covered them up as well it would be even harder to distinguish and nobody might even figure out what it is until it’s officially released.

  2. the third light near the merc logo is fake! worth a try mercedes! still love the slr mclaren cant waut for the speedster! when is it goin into production any way?


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