VITT W216 Super Wide Edition

Vitt specialises in creating one off ‘super wide’ versions of Mercedes models. Their latest creation for the Mercedes CL (W216) is no different. The Japanese company will take a customers car and for a fee of around 1,680,000 Japanese Yen (£7,950 or 10,060 Euro) will transform it into a taylor made widebody special. The conversion includes a new front and rear bumper, front and rear fenders and a new side skirt. Roof and Trunk spoilers, Exhausts and Bonnet grooves can be added at extra cost to the owner. The bad news is however that these kits are only available in Japan for the moment.

VITT W216 Super Wide Edition

VITT CL SuperWide Edition

VITT Mercedes CL Super Wide Edition

[Via Jonari]


  1. HALFORDS!!!!

    It is plainly obvious that this car was put together from parts that the Chav boy racers rejected for thier renault clios and ford fiestas. A true BadBoy bonnet vent nightmare.
    Des and Loz you should both be ashamed of yourselves. :(



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